Apparatus for processing waste material


A processing container (100) is provided for processing waste material. The processing container has a housing (150) and a processing zone (152) in said housing for containing waste material to be processed. The housing (150) has a portion (154) directed inwardly of said container to form an opening (160) for the charging and discharging of said processing container. The processing container is rotatable about its axis in a first direction to enable charging of said container through said opening and in a second opposite direction to enable discharging of said container through said opening. The processing chamber is used in an apparatus (10) for processing waste material. The apparatus also includes an oven (12) that contains the processing chamber (14); a gas inlet (200) for introducing said hot gasses into the oven; and a gas outlet (202) for extracting gas from said oven. The processing container (100) is mounted for rotation in said oven.




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