Film reel supporting frame in barrel film packaging machine



The utility model discloses a film reel supporting frame in a barrel film packaging machine. The film reel supporting frame comprises a film reel supporting shaft, and the two ends of the film reel supporting shaft are each supported to a bearing base on a machine frame, wherein one end of the film reel supporting shaft is sleeved with a damping sleeve, and a resistance adjusting device is connected between the damping sleeve and the machine frame. The film reel supporting frame has the advantages that the rotating resistance of the film reel supporting shaft is adjusted through resistance of the resistance adjusting device on the damping sleeve, so that thin film on a film reel has a certain ductility when being pulled out; in this way, on one hand, the using amount of the thin film can be saved, and the barreled water production cost can be reduced; on the other hand, a barrel can be tightly wrapped with the thin film.




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