Construction method of ceramsite light wallboard


  • Inventors: WANG JIANRONG
  • Assignees: 王建荣
  • Publication Date: November 25, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-101586370-A


The invention relates to a construction method of a ceramsite light wallboard, which comprises the following steps: setting out; checking; clearing an installation contact surface; arranging a wallboard according to the settling-out position; preparing adhesive cement according to the proportion of 107 glue, cement, sand and water being 1:2:3:0.66; smearing the adhesive cement; assembling the wallboard: setting up the wallboard, lifting the wallboard from the bottom by a broad-side crow bar, and pushing the wallboard at one side by other people subject to the adhesive cement extrusion, examining the planeness and the verticality by a guiding rule after the extrusion, wedge-caulking by a wood wedge after the wallboard is primarily qualified, checking the installation quality of the wallboard, adjusting the wood wedge until reaching the quality requirement, and then installing the second wallboard; maintaining calked joints and embedding wire mesh belts; secondary-dinging: filling the joints of the wallboards after the wallboards are set up for 7 days, making a yin and yang corner, and sticking anticracking gridding cloth for processing a surface layer. The construction method has strict process, can quicken the construction progress, prevents the joints of the wallboards from producing cracks and has firm installation and earthquake-proof property.




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